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Thread: What are you reading?

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    David Brooks "The Social Animal"

    Brooks takes brain physiology, philosophy, psychology and sociology out of the arcane, rarefied atmosphere of academia - to the reader's great benefit.

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    Just started Neil Peart's Far & Away
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    John Wilkes Booth

    "My Thoughts Be Bloody" by Nina Titone: Bio about John Wilkes Booth and his brother Edwin, their truly bizarre-o family, and what lead to the assassination.

    Reads like a novel.
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    First Time. . .

    on this thread, and VERY glad to find it. Next to throwing a leg over the machine, reading is my #1 passion.

    Check this out, esp. K-Kid, who by now has taken his Copper Canyon trip?

    God's Middle Finger by Richard Grant, subtitled, "Into the Lawless Heart of the Sierra Madre". Non-fiction, and this guy can flat-ass write. By turns hilarious and terrifying, the author is an "americanized" Brit, equipped with a large set of stones. He penetrates the Sierra Madre Occidental to record the madness that IS the War on Drugs. 2005 copyright, but you can easily see that this will not go well. . . Rather tragic for those of us who have (in the past) traveled these same roads through these amazing mountains.

    I guess the State Dept. still doesn't outright call Mexico a "failed state" -- but you can draw your own conclusions about a country where the Rule of Law is (now) based on the AK-47.

    MUST READING for any of you GS guys who might want to take that interesting dirt road into the mountains. . .


    Walking Eagle

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    The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin.

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    Mondo Enduro by Austin Vince.
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    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo because the movie is coming out soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DARRYL CAINEY View Post
    Just started Neil Peart's Far & Away
    I've read his bicycling book & the getting away from losing his wife & daughter book-let us know what this book says...
    I'm just now finishing Dan Walsh's Endless Horizon. Wondering if he writes for anyone now?

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    George C. Marshall: Organizer of Victory, 1943-1945. By Forrest Pogue. Should be on the field grade and/or the senior leaders reading list as published by the Chief of Staff. It's a textbook on leadership.

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    I'm glued to Duma Key by Stephen King.

    Faithful fan of his story telling and character development, this is the first of his I've loved in a long time.

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    The Last Stand , by Nathaniel Philbrick. Its the story of Custer, Sitting Bull, and the battle of the Little Bighorn. Really enjoying it too.

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    Colonel Roosevelt by Edmund Morris, the last of his trilogy on TR. the first two were The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt and Theodore Rex.

    Really well done books. Makes you appreciate what a unique person TR was. He would never get anywhere today.

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    Unhappy U.C. Davis Pepper Spraying.........

    U.C. Davis Pepper Spraying, an attack on all Americans.......

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    The world as it is : Dispatches on the myth of human progress by Chris Hedges. Not an easy book to read because of content. A very political point of view. An eye opener.

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