Hi Folks,

I have owned and loved my DowCo EZ-150 motorcycle cover for some time now. It is too bulky/heavy to bring along on trips but it makes a perfect cover for parking on the street at home, protecting the bike and keeping it out of the sight of mischievous eyes. It is extremely well-made with heavy-duty material, taped seams and soft fleece inner inlay to protect the windscreen on my K75RT. It also has a secure strap underneath, locking and charge cord grommets, and a big zipper up the back to make a tight, secure fit while making putting on and taking off a breeze.

A week ago, the zipper broke and much sadness ensued as they are not cheap.

I called DowCo to ask about zipper repair kits. The very nice CS rep informed me they were not available and were not needed anyway. "Why" I asked? Because there is a lifetime warranty on the EZ series! Just snip off the product tag and send it in with a note that the zipper broke.

This morning a brand new EZ-150 cover arrived at no cost to me but the price of a stamp used to send in the tag. Good thing too, as we are now getting our first snow - the bike is happily snug under the new cover with battery tender junior perched underneath on the seat.

I don't often run into such excellent service.