In the following posts are PDF files containing a running list of VIN numbers for the /2 era bikes from 1955 to 1969. BMW didn't publish infomation as to the break between model years as they started to do with the /5 models. One reason that might explain this is that there was really little difference in each model from year to year, except with the change from the first offerings of the R69, R60, and R50 to the sports models and the advent of the "/2" with the 1961 models. Minor improvements were made over the years, but nothing that warranted calling them new models. Thus, an R69S from the early 1960s is essentially the same as one produced near the end.

These lists have been compiled based upon owner's information and other minings from the web to help show when some of these model year breaks may have occurred. BMW Group Classic will provide an owner specific information about their individual VIN to include build date, color, and where delivered if the info is available. These lists provide a first cut at some of that information. They can be contacted at:

These lists will be updated from time to time as new infomation is found. If you have any info that you would like to be included, please PM me. These lists are completely anonymous and the personal information regarding who belongs to which bike are not retained.