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Thread: Savanna, then Santiago, then... what?

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    Question Savanna, then Santiago, then... what?

    The adventure-style Savanna jacket (rather ungainly looking), with liner included, was replaced by the Santiago jacket (a bit better-looking, at least in grey), with nothing included. Now, the Santiago is gone, to be replaced by what? Is it ??ber-ugly Trailguard, with nothing included again?

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    Trailguard is indeed the replacement.

    What's with "nothing included?" Did you want to be forced to buy the $280 insert?

    Want me to show you my BMW "Riders Apparel 2005" brochure where the following is stated about Savanna 2: "Removable wind and waterproof GORE-TEX insert with active pores, sold separately?"

    BTW, for those with Savanna 2 who don't have the liner or just want to update yours or whatever, the c_change liner for Trailguard fits perfectly.

    c_change is perhaps an improvement over GORE-TEX
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