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    Image Painting the BMW's

    Applying HDR (High Dynamic Range) techniques on photos of BMW's I used to ride, and still ride. A short trip down memory lane.

    This was my first BMW. It took me on journeys never taken before. These are often the most memorable of rides...

    Found a sweet, low mile K1200RS, and wouldn't let a little snow on the driveway prevent me from getting it out for a winter's day ride...

    Ahhhh.... there's something about a brisk, late afternoon, low sun ride...

    But you know, some bikes really thrive in uncertain conditions and on uncertain surfaces...

    But what can I say, I found the R1200GSADV to be a more versatile "Adventure" bike than the HP2e. What is it with all these wintertime pics? I remember it was so cold here, I left the bike running so the heated grips would stay heated...

    Ahhh... warm temps. My wife and I rode way out on the plains to visit the Summit Springs Battlefield site where Tall Bull and his band of Cheyenne Dog Soldiers met their end. Location is on a remote ranch, down a remote ranch road...

    Well, form and function in a Munich exercise to demonstrate what is possible. They nailed it IMO...

    Finally, how did BMW package a bike that wins "tourer of the year" awards, yet weighs less than most sport tourers? A long distance, full featured, and still twisty road fun bike...

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    Beautiful, sfarson,

    My bike shown here
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    What program do you use with the HDR?

    I really like the effect!

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    J... Good to hear from you!

    460... Check out the Luminance program.

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    This is a test..
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    Well, it worked.....I'm not sure how or why, but I think with some more playing....
    Thanks for the tip Sfarson!

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    "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."
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    460... Nice work!

    The HDR process simply provides another option for rendering your images. I especially like the choices that can turn images into ones looking like paintings. Have fun!

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    Dave... Thanks much for the background! It gives me something to explore versus just the "paint" effect on single exposure old images. Your examples are outstanding.

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    Amazing shots Dave and Steve!
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    To me those look like more the result of Tone Mapping rather than just straight HDR, which are actually two different processes. Unfortunately most HDR programs have Tone Mapping built in as part of the process (since the HDR images themselves cant be rendered/displayed directly in digital format) so the image is put thru tone mapping and then compressed back down to a LDR (Low Dynamic Range) for output to jpeg, tiff, gif, etc.

    If you want to play with just the HDR part (which is what I prefer over doing a lot, if any tone mapping) to get a more even/higher tonal range you can use photoshop to layer the images without having to do any tone mapping, which is very easy to get carried away with!. There are also tools such as something from the Hugin project available in Linux and Windows versions or something like Enfuse also available as GNU licensed Freeware. The tricky part is getting the layers matched up exactly, but there are also tools to help with that function, such the Align_image function available from the above. A quick search of HDR and LInux will bring up a lot of info on this and many of those linux tools have now been ported over to windows.

    Ive been using the linux tool sets along with Gimp on my Ubuntu home system for a while now and have gotten most of it scripted out (based on the work of others I found online) so the tedious work of sorting, layering, aligning, blending and such, is handled automatically and all I have to do is the final touch up and fine tune the images as needed.

    You can even do HDR from a single image if shooting in RAW format and then there are no issues with movement, though the range is not a great as individual bracketed images would be.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dhgeyer View Post
    Also, from what I have seen on the photo boards, HDR software is being used far more extensively as a stylistic tool than for the purpose for which it was developed.
    After about the 5 millionth time I've seen HDR, it all looks like clown barf to me..

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