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Thread: How about heated gear...for my garage.

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    How about heated gear...for my garage.

    My fingers ain't working too good lately, and i see Lots of options to keep the garage toasty. Mine is probably around 20 x 25.
    Experience? Best deals?

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    I have had heated attached garages in the past that are ducted to the house heating system. I would just close the dampers in the garage unless I wanted to work there. Depending on where the existing duct work is in your house, it may be both simple and cheap to retro fit ducting to your garage. You can turn your furnace fan from "Auto" to "On" for a while before you want to use the garage.

    I had an unheated but insulated garage that I used a 2400 watt electric heater in when I wanted to work there. Took about an hour to heat the garage from ~25 to 50 - 60. At the time I was doing this, electricity was much more expensive than natural gas, but since I used the garage very infrequently, I paid the premium for convenience. Now there are a lot of places where gas is just as expensive as electricity, so that may not be much of an issue any more. Electric heaters are fairly inexpensive. The one I used had a thermostat, which is common.
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    An oil option is the Toyo stove. They are small, efficient and not overly difficult to install. Toyos are widely used in Alaska to good purpose.
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    I use an infrared stand up propane stove when it gets cold. After a while, I have to shut it off I get so toasty warm. Lots quieter than those bullet heaters too!

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    If all you want is to take the chill off this might work.

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    I use a plain old kerosene heater. It's just enough to take the chill off.
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    [QUOTE=MCMXCIVRS;637576]If all you want is to take the chill off this might work.


    I considered one of these, but went with a ceiling mount 10kw fan electric heater. They were around $350 when I bought mine. If I am doing something temperature sensitive such as paint work or glue up on wood projects , I'll set it at the minimum such as 55 deg and if the wood runs out if takes over. I also turn it on when I arrive in shop and build up the wood stove.
    I have owned the kerosene stoves in past but will say that 2 kids and their mother died from one here in KY last few days! The kerosene is pricey and a big issue to tote around all the time. I would go my route again or if a small gargae and all you want is a bench work/bike or car spot warmed go to the radiants as shown.

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