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Thread: Please help if you're in Southwest of Florida

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    Please help if you're in Southwest of Florida

    I've been having trouble getting the 1965 R27 running.
    The bike was running well before going into storage in 1996. It has 9,300 original miles.
    I installed a new battery, the carb is fine but no spark. I understand that the condenser, the coil need to be checked in addition to the spark plug ....
    Unfortunately, I know nothing mechanically and the local BMW dealer here in Fort Myers does not work on old bikes!!!
    Any of you reside in the Southwest of Florida can help me, please.
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    Have you checked the Anonymous book for people in your area? Sounds like it's the ignition, timing, etc. It can be a bit tricky...I just went through this on my R25/2.

    A bit far away, but there's a shop called Steve's BMW Repair on Tyson Ave in Tampa.
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    Thumbs up Rennsport Motorrad

    Check out: Rennsport Motorrad
    1755 Lexington Ave, Suite 1,
    DeLand, Fla 32724
    GPS N 29 deg. 03.67824 W 081 deg 16.85328

    Tom High loves the old thumpers, and he can probably help you out.

    He rode a R27 from Daytona to the Vermont National back in '06, so he knows a fair amount of repair knowledge on the old singles. I don't think I would want to do interstate travel on a bike with a max speed of 50!
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    Ran well when stored in Florida for many years - now no spark

    Almost certainly points crudded up with something from condensation
    or oily residue

    Clean points and confirm they open to visible gap and close on
    engine rotation and go ride

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    1965 bmw r27

    The bike has started now. A new battery, a plug and a condensor. It runs like a...R27 now.

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    Hap's Cycles sales in Sarasota works on old bikes. They have restored a number of them. The owner Bobby Poneleit rides and loves old BMW's.


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