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Thread: Helmet removal...after the get-off

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    Quote Originally Posted by roy View Post
    Out of curiosity and not putting any plugs in for this company.

    Has anyone else taken the courses offered by Accident Scene Management Inc. in Wisconsin.

    They have two or three different classes that teach the basics on caring for victims.

    The advanced course goes into helmet removal and the reasons why you would do so. Like so may other classes they are time limited so the information covers the basics and gives you a base to grow from if you desire.

    The owners are riders and have taylored these classes towards MC type injuries.

    They do excellent work, Roy.

    When I was assigned as an escort motor officer for a full week at Harley's 100th Anniversary (2003), many of us (myself included) took the course, as they offered it to the 125 motor officers present as part of a group of seminars we could select from.

    Again, excellent assessment/immobilization material presented, including helmet removal.
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    Looks like an interesting operation.
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