Knobs are the obvious BEST choice for offroad, but me included, a lifer offroader, use DS for the money concerns and I ride everywhere. Sand/mud/snow are my worst enemies with DS tires in place, but that said I still go advenur'in with a TON of experience under my belt. Air pressure is more important with DS tires and less air equals better traction offroad. This applies to Knobs too, but the DS tires, this is paramount. Less air, I mean to 20lbs or less for deep gravel and so on. ME, if money was not an issue, Knobs would be the tire of choice on my GSA. I'm a bit frugal. For a Cont.Devide ride, where so many offroad miles are present, I may splurge and save up for the TKC tires. I know many that run TKC knobs on the front only for good front tire behavior on soft terrain. Fronts usually go around 6000m and a rear TKC is gone quickly at around 3000m. Speed may help with miles too and toning down your highway cruising to 65mph or less will help with knob wear. MY GSA1200 does not know 65 very often on the superslabs and this would be a challenge to learn the less speed thing for wear on the TKC knobs. Randy