So i've ridden through every one of the 77 counties in Oklahoma. I've been on a few dirt roads. Lately i have been trying to search out dirt road routes to travel on for practice.

I am wanting to ride the Continental Divide route in 2012 so i thought i should actually practice some dirt roads going longer distances. On average i am comfortable going about 40 miles an hour, am i a wussy going so slow? I've been on some roads that 20 mph was the top speed. Been trying to do the stand up thing while riding more, makes me nervous but i think i can feel the bike acting better.

Being mostly self taught on a motorcycle and not getting my first bike until eighteen (my parents would never have let me have a dirt bike), i guess what I'm asking is advice, as best it can be given over the internet, on how to ride dirt roads. I look at adventure rider and i see a lot of dirt bikers riding single tracks, but that isn't my interest. I'm thinking back country like the Continental Divide trail with a bigger motorcycle loaded with camping gear, heading down a dirt, gravel, crap road.

Though, most times i don't lay my bike over, i would like to be a more confident rider.

What say all you GS'ers or Off the Beaten Path types...?

Pedro in OKC, OK