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Thread: Anyone use a scissors jack to lift their Airhead or R1200?

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    Anyone use a scissors jack to lift their Airhead or R1200?

    I have an 86 Airhead and a R1200GS and I was considering a Kendon lift due to it's portability. Unfortunately, it doesn't support the use of the center stand. Kendon expects you to lift the rear wheel with a scissors jack. It doesn't look to me like either bike has frame tubes accessible to a scissors jack and the other "stuff" under the bike does not look like it is sturdy enough to support the weight of the bike. What sayest the collective experience?
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    I use a scissor jack under the bash plate of my GS to take the weight off the front when it is on the center stand. Haven't tried lifting the entire bike that way.

    Maybe it would fit under the center stand?

    Turned length wise it will fit between the frame rails of my R69S with the oil pan resting on the top. I use that when I need to pull the engine. Otherwise I made a U adapter out of wood with the arms of the U matching the frame edge of the rails of the R69S, used when all I want to do is raise the front end. Something similar could probably be done for an airhead.

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    Nice jack. Is it a "Handy"?

    I barrow my neighbor's to lift my /5. With the center stand "up", it works great placed as you've shown it (perpendicular to the center-line of the bike) with a piece of plywood to protect the oil pan.

    Locating the proper position with regard to the CG takes a bit of trial-and-error; overall stability however is "tender"... I don't leave it unattended.
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    I am not familiar with the Kendon lift. Assuming it is a rail type lift with secure tie downs and maybe a wheel clamp then the occasional use of a jack for specific uses such as tire changes is not a deal killer.

    I have a Handy platform lift with a good wheel clamp. I almost always use the center stand when a bike is on the lift. Yet, depending on the model and whether the bike sits on the center stand and front wheel or center stand and back wheel I do need to support it somewhere to remove one or the other of the wheels.

    That said, without a center stand to provide stability I am unsure how a person could rely on tie downs for stability, and still remove the front wheel. With tight tie downs you could jack to remove the rear wheel if you can prevent the rear of the bike from swwing sideways off the jack - but the procedure for a front wheel escapes me.

    It all depends on how secure you can make the bike while on the jack. It is hard to guess unless you know that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lmo1131 View Post
    Nice jack. Is it a "Handy"?
    I found it on ebay. Don't know the brand name, but it was a "made in USA rated for 1000 pounds" unit. It's a heavy sucker. Shipping costs were 1/2 again the price of the jack. It was still only 1/2 the price of having the similar Handy jack shipped.

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    Kudo's for HFTools;

    I have the HFTools m/c table lift at 300$. Rear wheel removal is easy with movable plate in the lift. This lift has been with me 5 years now and has lifted KLT1200s and my current GSA, no issues. Not your question, sorry but a worthy lift if interested. Sure has saved me tons of knee woes on concrete or wearing knee pads. IF you have this store near you, shop quick because these lifts sell before they hit the floor at our HFTool stores where I live. Popular is an understatement. Randy

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    To confirm this act quickly to get one @ HF idea: I heard on the business news yesterday that the Chinese are moving toward becoming the worlds technology source rather than continue as the worlds' source for cheap goods. Maybe "we" can start making the cheap stuff here?

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