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Thread: GPS Repair

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    GPS Repair

    Any one ever get a GPS repaired?

    I have a newish Garmin Nuvi 500 with a cracked screen.

    Any repair shops out there? Should i call Garmin?

    Thanks for any advice, couldn't find any info in a forum search

    Peter in OKC

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    although i have never had to have my GPS repaired i have read some good things about Garmins repair/support on the Zumo forums. give them a call, i'm sure they can help you get your problems sorted out quickly and reasonably.

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    +1 I've had 3 repaired under warranty, and not. Have always found them to be very accomodating, and have gone above and beyond my expectations in all 3 occasions.

    Many companies could learn a lot from Garmins customer service!

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    Garmin customer service is second to none
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    Garmin website tells you all about the refurb cost etc.. It is kinda expensive...

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    Just call Garmin. Explain the problem. They will advise you what to do next. If the experience of many holds true you will wind up happy.
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    +2 on Garmin customer service.
    Riding across Wisconsin this summer I hit a brake in the pavement, my Navi IV popped out of it's mount and hit the pavement at 50 mph. Needless to say, it was toast. Called Garmin, told them what happened, they're response was "no problem, send it back, we'll send you a new one under warranty. The whole process took about two weeks.
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    In my experience, Garmin customer service is good but their technical support not so much. I had an enduring problem with routes getting corrupted and their answer was basically, "That can't be happening."

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    I have also. Called Garmin to ask what I was supposed to do. Followed the instructions they gave me and about 10 days later I got my GPS back... Well not really... It was a identical new unit accompanied by a note saying that they were sorry they couldn't fix it, so they replaced it. And I was outside warranty by at least one year.
    Excellent service!
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