My Scorecard arrived yesterday. I am excited to be involved in the ADVENTURE SUMMIT (2 pts. LOL) at the MOA!

As soon as I got my Scorecard, I loaded the River Breaks and a number of BS points into my GPSr and took off. By the time I got home I put 360 miles on my GSA and collected the first of two Adventure Detours and a number of BS Points.

I have ridden the River Breaks area a number of time. I highly recommend this this area to ride. It has nice road with some beautiful sights. There are a number of MO Conservation areas along the route that make a great place to stop and rest.

Here are a few pictures of the area along the River Breaks area:

Pictures never catch the steepness of the hills.

View overlooking the Missouri River into Kansas.

All dirt road's cut through the banks of the hill. These roads can be almost impassable after a rain. The "hard" route has a number of this roads.

Also in the NW corner of MO are a lot of wind farms. The size of the windmills are deceiving.

In King City there are two blades on the ground to view. (There is a BS point very close by)

When you see those wind mills keep there stats in mind:

Height: 262.5 ft
Rotor Diameter: 289 ft
Length of Blades: 139.5 ft
Weight of Each Blade: 14771 lbs
Weight of Rotor with Blade: 77541 lbs
Weight of Nacelle: 158821 lbs
Weight of Tower: 398971 lbs

For the history buff, in St. Joe there are a number of BS points to be found with lots of history.

Here is one of my favorites:

One Hint: Jesse James house is not at the listed coords, in the middle of the airport. However it is not hard to find.