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    Gentlemanly Adventures

    ... and Gentlewomanly, too, for that matter.

    i am working on an "Always an Adventure" article that describes three rides that are adventurous more for their scenery, history and/or remoteness instead of the riding challenge itself.

    iow, these are rides that can be taken 2-up, or while hauling a month's worth of gear, confident in the knowledge that the riding challenge isn't going to be too difficult.

    another aspect is that they are good alternatives to the slab when you're trying to get somewhere while wanting for a nice detour at the same time.

    the rides in my article will be three routes I strung together this summer as an alternative to I-90 and I-80 on the way to Oregon:

    These three will be in my article, which will also point readers to this thread.

    It'd be great if there were some more routes for people to consider, so, how 'bout we take a minute to share the routes we know. And if you know how to do it, Google Maps links will be very useful.



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