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Thread: Plastic Repairs

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    Question Plastic Repairs

    Looking for advice on repairing plastic body work on 2002 R1150RT. Dropped!?! the bike on it's pretty little rear-view mirror assembly, scuffing it and cracking the shell. I'd like to attempt repair before buying a new one.

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    Lightbulb Plastic Repair

    I fixed many panels on me K100RS after I bought it from a careless owner.

    My advice would be to buy a new mirror. BUT if you want to attempt to do a fix, you can contact the Urethane Supply Company in Alabama - they sell kits to do plastic repair and it's fairly easy to do.

    But, in all honesty, by the time you get done fooling around with the repair and the paint and all the wet sanding, etc which goes with it, you're probably better off buying a new one that's already painted and perfect.

    Here's the address for their web site:

    Or you can request a catalog at: 256-638-4103

    Good luck!

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