Does anybody customize helmets? I just got back from the International Motorcycle show in San Mateo & now can say that I've tried on every single helmet made... Or, so it seems. I was really excited about the Schuberth, I thought it fit better at the rally, but had the same front pressure on my head as most other helmets. I talked to the sales guy & told him I was ready to buy if he could fit me.

To give him credit, he tried a bit, he tried an XL, an XXL, and a L, sure, the XXL set down on my head, but then I had tons of side space. No good, he said, "we can't fit you" Really??? I'm ready to drop $700 & they can't fit me?

Why in the heck don't companies do a better job of making the fit changeable? Also, does anybody make a custom molded insert? I wonder why you couldn't just buy the XL size Schuberth & then make custom foam inserts to fit tighter on the sides & looser on the front??? Sure, it would probably void the DOT, but then again, wouldn't a properly fitting helmet be safer than one with gaps?

Back in the 70's, my uncle was in the Navy & made molds for fighter pilot helmets, sent them off somewhere & they made the helmet inserts to fit. I can't believe we don't do that with MC helmets today.

In searching, I found a "study" done, where they were going to try to make scans & molds for people, but it was a test market in Europe... I could find the pilot helmets custom made, but not MC helmets.

My search for a flip helmet has ended for now, I dropped the $579 for an ARAI Profile, a long oval, that the person selling them was able to custom fit to my head. They swapped out head pads & cheek pads until it was as close to perfect as they could get & I am pretty dang happy. It sits evenly around the crown of my head, no spaces, no hot spots.

I'm mostly happy, I wanted a flip, but it isn't going to happen.