Greetings Snow-bound riders!

Sunday came bright and beautiful. I had planned to have lunch with a
friend in Monterey at the aquarium. I was a little late getting up (traveling
last week) and ended up slabbing it down to make it on time.

Lunch was fantastic with a seat over looking the water at the Portola
Cafe (building across the water).

After lunch, I wandered around the aquarium. Looked at 'Pumpkin', wandered
around town and then headed on out.

Pumpkin (from last week--she's bigger now ):

The Jellies are a big attraction too:

The top of the kelp forest opens to the sky. These wires prevent birds
from diving in to feed on the fish. The triangular device at the far side
creates surge (and was designed by of all people, David Packard). Surge
keeps the kelp from drying out topside and it gives the fish in the exhibit
an environment more like home.

After watching the fishies, it was off to the courtyard for some smooth
jazz--this guy had a crowd going and played some relaxing music.
One could almost nap in the warm sun...

After leaving, I rode up the coast on my favorite local road, hwy 1.
Feeling the need for a snack, I stopped in Davenport (which, BTW, I
recommend to you as well) for coffee and a nice piece of pie at Whale
City Cafe and Bakery.

Yummmy stuff...Apple pie.

It was getting late and the sun setting as I made my way back up to
hwy 92. With the sunset in the mirrors, I wound my way over the hill and
back home.

The weather forecast is for more of the same this coming weekend...

So I leave you with a little something I shot recently (not this trip) but a
fine example of a California Sunset.