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Thread: Finally Went on a Ride Today

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    Finally Went on a Ride Today

    experiencing the delights of sensory overload... the change in altitude temps, the smell of moisture, the wind brushing the face, the thrust of tractor like torque, and aural delights of a powerful exhaust note.

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    Guest you park the tractor at the house end or the
    road end


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    what is the tractor doing on that ski slope?
    Don't winterize; Rounderize!

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    That picture makes me want to take off my coat, etc. and roll in the snow....

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    Is it true that the John Deere accessory plug is the same as the BMW accessory plug?

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    assuming that's 4wd and diesel. it's kinda like mowing the lawn except there's that slight chance you won't make it back from the end of the road (driveway)

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    Yes... a nice ride! It helps having it around so I can get out as soon a possible. Probably by Friday I'll be tooling around on two wheels thanks to Mr. Deere. My mom's so proud of me. She's more pleased I have tractor versus riding two wheels. Says it reminds her of my grandfather who would work the farm all day in NW Indiana on his JD.

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    you're gonna laugh, but my daughter is a barrel racer so we purchased a "gentlemans" ranch for the horses, etc. i bought a new holland diesel, 4wd. bucket, box blade and bushhog. 20hp. don't know what i'd do w/o. after the hurricanes i could use it to lift limbs, etc. extremely handy.

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