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Thread: Banged my helmet...should I get a new one?

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    So what the xell's wrong with guessing and speculation? As to the wild & crazy bidding thats going on; are you the same people that ask me if I'll "let it go cheap" all the time om ebay? $50 and thats my last offer!

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    I bump Ralph's bid to $25
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcmxcivrs View Post
    some helmet manufacturers offer an inspection and testing service to determine if the helmet is still serviceable after an impact. They are probably the best qualified to determine that, all else is just guessing and speculation. Check with nolan to see if they offer this service

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    I am offering a slightly used Harley Head Rag for your helmet so you have all the protection required as long as you don't fall on your head.
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    Why not contact Nolan-USA and ask if they will inspect your helmet for you. IIRC according to member post Bell and Shoie have provided the service to their customers for a nominal fee and the answer was not an automatic buy a new one from us response.
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