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    I recently purchased a 99 R1100RT. Both side cases are quite scuffed up. Does anyone know of any product that would help restore these cases? Also, the bike needs a new windshield & any recommendations will be appreciated.undefinedundefined
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    You can buy new lids separately.

    In fact,you can get "extra capacity" lids.
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    Gec343, two tricks I've used to spiff up old side cases:
    - I "restored" some badly beat up bags on a neglected K bike by sanding them out with emery paper and then spray painting them with paint formulated for plastic car body parts, available at any auto parts store for a few bucks. It actually held up very well for at least two years (I sold the bike, haven't seen it lately).
    - On my current bike I successfully took care of some blemishes by wiping on commercial quality acrylic floor wax. The stuff has been on for almost a year now & still looks fresh, although I only use the side bags when touring. My wife bought a gallon of it at a janitorial supply place.

    Windshield? Cee Baileys have a good rep, as does AeroFlow. They're both on the web. Also, you can find stock ones for a fair price at Click up the Marketplace classifieds.

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