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Thread: Hamilton, ON to Cape May to Lewes and Home

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    Hamilton, ON to Cape May to Lewes and Home


    I am planning some 4 day weekend rides for next year. Young kids make 4 day trips the most likely escape! I am looking to ride to Cape May, NJ. I plan to ride off the interstates and enjoy some unknown roads - I am a GSA rider so dirt/gravel roads are more than acceptable!

    I am looking to ride Hwy #6 across north PA exiting near Scranton, unless ther eis a better route! Looking for local knowledge to get from Scranton to Cape May avoiding the major interstates. Any help would be appreciated.

    I plan to take the ferry across to Lewes, DE. Was thinking catching Hwy 9 in Dover northwest to Wilmington Area. Then would head north-west somewhere but not sure of the best roads for some scenery and fun. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Four day trips

    If you're riding to a foreign country (USA).
    to avoid ever increasing waits at the international borders,
    get yourself a Nexus card.

    Check with Canada Customd & Revenue on how to obtain.

    Also sign up for MedJet assist if travelling outside
    of Ontario. Medical costs in the USA can be horrendous.

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    Can't help with the PA NJ portion as that's considered the Deep South around here, but...

    If you're looking for a different route on the way back with lots of scenic dirt roads, consider looping through Vermont's Puppy Dog Ride route. It stretches north to south from the Canadian to the Massachusetts borders with the vast majority of it dirt roads passing thru scenery few tourists ever see.

    The route can be found on the BMW Motorcycle Owners of Vermont site:

    PM me if you need a pit stop along the way. I have a fairly well-stocked shop, including a tire changer and four inquisitive shop dogs.

    '12 R1200GSA for solo rides
    '10 R1200GSA with Hannigan dual sport sidecar for rides with Tulliver

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    What time of year are you thinking, Al? Route 9 is a nice road but beware of tar snakes in the warm weather. It is also a heavily travelled bike route for cruisers as well as crotch rockets. Most of the bridges around the marshes have been replaced, including the one that would give you nice air at higher speeds. Kelly's in Port Penn is a great hole-in-the-wall for a crab cake sandwich.

    Route 13 is a lot of stop and go traffic but will be nearly unavoidable at times. Route 1 is the high speed alternative to travel up and down the state. If you look at the map and skirt to the left of Route 13 towards the Maryland state line, there are a lot of nice back country roads.

    I'm in the northern part of the state. Let me know if you need a pit stop or want some company.

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    I am about 20 minutes fromt he Lewes side of th Ferry. Let me know if you need to crash.

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    GlenFiddich...thanks that Puppy Dog ride looks like lots of fun. Do you guys do this as a group? I think I might tie this into a ride to climb Mt. Washington. I will keep the invite in mind if I need some assistance. Thanks

    Newstar...thanks for the info. I am hoping to come through on a weekend in May or June before the tourists start invading. I'll let you know when I am coming by and see if you are a round fr a ride.

    rkimmel2...thanks will keep i mind depending on routing.

    Now I have ot figure out a couple more rides for this season!!!!!

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