There was thread running last week with folks posting images of their bikes.

One of the photos showed an airhead with what appeared to be a lap-blanket, or apron (for lack of a better term) attached to the bike/tank, running down over the legs to the cylinders and over the lap of the rider. It was open at the back.

I PM'd the poster of the image but didn't receive a reply, and apparently our PMs "sent" are not recorded in the "Private Messages Folder" (If they ARE, can someone tell me how to access them?). I posted a question to the individual, but can not locate (from my Profile) that post (which would have allowed me to backtrack to the Topic ) .....

I would like to know more about the product, who makes, or made, it; if it's still available, price, etc. Did anyone else see it?

I should have saved the image so I could re-post it, but....

Any help would be appreciated.