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Thread: Sun Your Buns Rally in Venice....

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    Sun Your Buns Rally in Venice....

    The wife and I will be heading down to the Sun Your Buns Rally in Venice put on by the Sunbeemers. We'll be departing Orlando tomorrow afternoon. Just curious if anyone else from up this way is planning on attending.

    Ride safe!

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    I had a great time at "The Sun Your Buns Rally" in Venice, FL. All the different side car rigs got my interest and I was told about a R100RT with side car in Port Charlotte about 20 miles from the rally. On Sunday I traveled down to Port Charlotte "just to look" and ended up buying the rig. I put enough down on the rig for the owner to hold it for me and will pick it up before XMAS, (my present to me). I'm sure that it will take some time to get used to riding a hack but will buy Hough's book and listen to the advice of side car afficianados in the BMWNEF Club.
    Thanks to the Sunbeemers for running another great rally, I will come back next year. Ride Safe

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