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Thread: Compare k1200rs to 06 k1200gt

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    Compare k1200rs to 06 k1200gt

    I was excited to test ride a 06 k1200gt considering a move up? To my dismay I seemed to prefer my 02 k1200rs with 56k on the clock, I liked the handling and speed but the overall feel of the bike was a letdown. Should I spend a half day on the bike to get a better feel ,have any of you come away with the same feelings?

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    Funny about those two bikes:

    I demo'd a GT, in the city, and it didn't really grab me. I rode a K1200RS in the city, for a short distance, and it really grabbed me. But I can tell that the GT is a really good machine.

    If I had to decide, I might be inclined to not spend more time on the GT, and save a bunch of money.

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    Stick with the RS. The brick has timeless beauty and is practically indestructable. The GT has not yet established a sufficient record, and the design too close to Japanese.
    Now the 1600 would make me re-think that....
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    What about moving from an RS to an S? I currently have an 02 K12RS and, frankly, think the riding position is perfect, (i.e., have no inclination to buy bar backs or change anything). I can't understand all the blogs that have complained about the riding position over the years. I just don't get that. But what about the S? Is the riding positioin that much more aggressive that a person can't ride for a couple hours at a stretch?

    C'mon you S's it feel?

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    Takin d'bait

    Well, I have a 2000 RS and an 09 S (had '85 and '93 RSs before). To be honest, never even test rode the GT as things in life were such that when my dad's estate settled, I just said '*&^% I'm gettin the S!' So, I did and simply love it. The seating position - get this - actually is easier on my knees. I am 6', 33" inseam, 185 lbs. I have a Corbin on the RS that, through my error, ended up about in between the stock low and high positions. I always ride with the pegs in the low position except at the track. I have a tall Aeroflow screen that goes on and off easily. But since I got the S a year ago, the screen and R1200C handguards have not come off the RS...I guess it is more my 'RT' now. The motor and handling of the S, lightness, etc, are just unbelievable. The RS feels very slow and even heavier by comparison. But, don't get me wrong, after twenty minutes on it in the twisties, I am right back to where I was, and hustle it right on down the line. So, I don't know....I prefer the more sporty position, and my wife actually prefers riding on back of the S, other than the footpeg location is a bit high even at 5'5", so hard braking requires reaching around and supporting on the tank. I do regular commutes from Mendo to Sac, so 185 miles non-stop in the AM, then back in the PM. Both bikes are great for SR-128, though, now I prefer the S in most cases. The road is twisty enough the entire way that Average speed is 52 mph (Majority posted 45 or less). To me, the S is very comfortable for this type riding, though my aftermarket shocks on the RS are still superior to the ESA on the S when it comes to rough roads. I don't think I would want to ride the S at speed on freeways for extended times, though I know of others who do. I view the new GT as a superior replacement of the prior GT, more refined and probably aimed at a slightly more upright seating market. An excellent midpoint between the RS and an LT. If I did more freeway or non-back road riding, I would have considered the new GT, but I don't, so. I hope that makes sense and is helpful.

    Now time for some Wedge GT owners to voice their thoughts. For sure some have gone from the RS to the new GT....
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    S ride

    Thanks Jim. that gives me a pretty clear picture that S is comfortable for someone of my size, I'm also about 6' 33" inseam. I'm pretty impressed with the tehcnilogical changes from the RS to the S, so am fairly sure I'll be buying one in the not to distant future.

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    My frame of reference is a '04 GT and a 2010 K1300GT. Both are in my garage as I write this, the '04 GT acquired a Hannigan Astro Sport sidecar in April of this year so the K13GT is my new solo ride.

    1. Both are great machines, each has a distinctive personality.

    2. '04 is smoother and at nightway speeds (85ish) does not give the feeling of being "busy" or needing another gear. K13 has just a hint of buzz, just enough so you know it's happening down below but never enough to be intrusive. and often feels "busy" at highway speed. I find myself frequently checking the gear indicator to make sure I'm in top gear, kinda like the first generation K-bikes.

    3. K13 is much more powerful and throttle response is noticeably quicker.

    3. Transmission on the '04GT is the best gearbox BMW has ever built. Very easy to shift so smoothly that passengers can't tell when you shifted, either up or down. It is IMPOSSIBLE to be that smooth on the K13 because the trans is much more clunky and notchy, and the lack of flywheel effect compounds the problem of trying to be uber-smooth when shifting.

    4. K13 is lighter by 45-50lbs but feels at least 100lbs lighter on the road, especially in the twisties.

    5. Hand controls on the '04GT are much more comfortable and easier to use. Especially dislike the turn signal switch on the K13.

    6. Maintenance is easier on the '04GT, all the way around. Supposedly, the K13 requires less maintenance or less frequent maintenance. Time will tell...

    7. ESA is a very crude adjustment system compared to the linear adjustment that can be done on the aftermarket suspension on the '04GT. ESA never quite gets the preload and damping matched up correctly.

    8. Windshield aerodynamics and windshield mounting on the K13 are much better than on the '04GT. K13 has full-size bags on both sides, not just the right like the '04GT.

    I like both bikes and wouldn't give up either one. The brick K makes an awesome sidecar tug and I thoroughly enjoyed every one of the 55k miles I put on it before adding the sidecar. The K1300GT is a better solo touring rig, out of the crate, and is absolutely delightful on a deserted winding road. You can't go wrong with either bike, it's just a question of how much you want to spend and which one makes you turn and look back at it when you park it and walk away. And for me, that's BOTH of them!


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    I have a '92 K75S, and recently bought an '06 GT.
    Oddly enough, the GT (being over 100lbs heavier) feels lighter, and the riding position is better for me. It took a day or two to get used to my feet being higher on the GT, but after that it wasn't noticeable.
    I liked the GT so much that I started commuting on it. It is very well behaved at slow speeds, and very easy to control.

    Unfortunately, commuting in Los Angeles was a bad idea. Two weeks ago (after having the GT for only 6 weeks) I was T-boned and the GT was totaled. And so was the car that hit me. I'm about the luckiest guy you've ever met, I was knocked out with a decent concussion, but I had no broken bones.

    I'm looking at an '08 GT to replace it. I still have the K75S, but I really love the GT.
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    K1200GT vs K1200RS

    I'm comparing these two models (2000-2004) and I'm trying to identify the differences in seating, grips and footpegs. Both of these models are pretty impressive. The seat height on the RS seems to be about right for flat footing, is the GT comparable? Are they built using the same frame?

    Thanks in advance.

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