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Thread: atlantis pants

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    atlantis pants

    does anyone have any opinion on bmw atlantis 2 pants, as far as warm and cooler temps. do they ride high like some pants do. or other opinions. thanks

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    I've had an Atlantis 3 suit for a few years (Thanks, Gina!), and yes the pants are definitely cut too short. They're perfect standing and walking, even a little baggy, but hike up when riding. I even bought the pants over-size for me, just to avoid this, but that didn't help the length enough. I can gain some length by pulling out the knee protectors, but that kinda defeats part of the purpose...
    They are warm, and more so if/when zipped to the jacket; but I'll wear polypropylene long johns under them anyway. I haven't tried them for a desert crossing in the summer (easy to do here), but I have worn them for spring, autumn, & winter crossings - very comfortable. In the summer they'd very probably be too warm.
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