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Thread: I miss the "old style" of education.

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    I miss the "old style" of education.

    Seems like someone else does as well....

    It seems (to me) that education has deleted some of the "life" training that comes in handy later in life such as Shop and Home Economics. It seems that it has become a "machine" in which students pass through on their way to the new "high school"- known as college.

    If you have a skill, try to pass it along. If you have a skill, passing it along to "fresh eyes" and learn something yourself.

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    One good thing, the school still had a valedictorian.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8ninety8 View Post
    One good thing, the school still had a valedictorian.

    A local school system ended that.....but of course they still have the athlete of the year.

    I just read a-bit about the K-12 system, where the kids do not even need to go to school. It it public school, taught on-line at home! Somehow this does not seem like a good thing to me. Earning a diploma, and being mailed one after 12 years of ??, are IMO worlds apart.
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