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    it might be...


    it might be... November 13th, 2010


    It might be that summer is gone however a couple of weeks ago we had a sixty eight degree day, YES! After work Dietmar and I went for a ride stopping along the rocky shore in Yachats and then onward south to Heceta Head. There was a marine layer of fog that moved on and off the highway making the sun appear as a large ball of fire on it's way to the sea. Almost sunset...

    Would you think the Romans had any influence in the design of this bridge?

    This week on Thursday we again had glorious blue sky, alas I needed to work. In any case the fair weather didn't last, mid afternoon it was raining buckets. By morning this storm swept thru and dawn has brought blue sky. I phoned Tank to see if it was possible to stay in the barn, YES! By noon I was out of here.

    along the beach, my favorite boat...

    the sun is setting...

    What a nice sunset and only a few more miles to go. I would be early enough to shoot the fish as the lights stayed on until eight.

    colorful fish...

    The morning light brought a crimson sunrise as I cruise south for breakfast at the Samoa Cookhouse. This is a logging camp from times past and a favorite place. Food is all you can eat and seating is family style so interaction and conversation with other visitors is normal. Today I joined a local CMA chapter having their monthly breakfast meeting. Being there at the same time was only a fluke although I had met them before in the same circumstances. Last time none of them had ridden their bikes as it was raining, we all laughed about that. They were leaving for a ride to Fort Bragg, though invited, my thought was to turn east on highway 36 so opted to continue solo.

    there were several of these bridges now unused, I stopped to check them out...

    Riding east the sun has left and all I can see are clouds, the beach was sunny. At some point I made the decision to turn around but instead found a road heading north that would intersect highway 299 and bring me back to the beach, I thought a nice loop. Not to be, shortly the surface turned to dirt and with the past rains was a bit snotty, again I turned around. I will have to try it when drier.

    Back on the beach the clouds have rolled in and the pavement is wet, still a very nice ride. Hard to show with this photograph but the sun has cut thru the clouds and the white ocean surf is lighted up like a neon sign, the clouds in the distance black. Here the highway is so close to the ocean you could almost fish from the seat of your bike.

    I am standing on the edge of the pull out, my bike beside me, the ocean is that close...

    The mist comes and goes, and the road is wet but not really raining. Traffic is light and I mostly have the highway to myself, this is a premium ride along the Oregon coast, rain or not. Over time the ocean has eroded the headlands and the highway follows, meandering, up, down, twist, turn, the ever present ocean always in view. The distance shows dark clouds and no sign of a colored sunset, only the ever darkening grey.

    There are a few deer along the highway, at one point several Elk. I watch out of the corner of my eye as they bound up the bank. Sure glad they weren't in the road. I stop at Heceta Head lighthouse and watch as the light cuts thru the fog and the dark of night, turning round and round, it's fingers of light reaching into the distance.

    Heceta Head lighthouse, mesmerizing...


    thanks for riding along, Bruce H.


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    Thanks for the ride and the great pics

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    Beautiful shots.

    "When you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there."

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    Bruce, thanks for the ride. great photos.

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