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Thread: 1988 R100RT Windshield

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    1988 R100RT Windshield

    OK, I've had enough of the which windshield to install on my R100RT... I purchased it used. It had a Parabellum (tinted) on it. I wanted to install a clear but the dash or cowling where the windshield attaches was in very bad condition with large spider cracks around each mounting location. I went so far as to talk to the owner of Parabellum...he said 1 year warranty only...a new costs $140 that's the best we can do. They would sell a w/s only for $99. I said no thank you, I'll go somewhere else.
    It appears all the aftermarket windshields are acrylic (incl Parabellum) except for Ztechnik, which is polycarbonate, but they don't make a shield for the R80/100RT.
    I have found some used hardware for mounting the factory shield. It is polycarbonate, but retails for $275.
    Does anyone have knowledge of a better solution... ?? Ken Woodring, Huntsville, AL

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    These cracks you mentioned, I assume they are in the dash panel that houses the clock and voltmeter? It has been a while since I have seen how a Parabellum attaches to the RT. Does the Parabellum mount attach to the dash panel?

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