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Thread: Anybody ever shipped a Bike to Houston TX?

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    Question Anybody ever shipped a Bike to Houston TX?

    Hello, I'm considering buying a Bike in another State and have it shipped here (since the dealer here pissed me off... I will somewhere else). Has anybody ever shipped a bike to Texas and if Yes, which company.

    Thanks... be careful out there -

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    I've never shipped to Texas, but I did ship from RI to Oregon this past summer. The company is Keyboard shipping.
    I believe they ship to all 48 states...
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    I had a friend that use Keyboard Motorcycle Shipping and had good results.

    I know the friend would recommend the company!

    He originally started out using a different company and was having trouble with them as they kept changing the pick up and delivery... and they were not very friendly either.

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    Smile Bike shipping

    I shipped my bike from VA to CO this summer, with I wasn't familiar with Uship, but it's sort of the eBay of transporters. You list the item you need shipped, along with the pickup and drop-off location. Then, different transporters will "bid" on the job. You can then check their references and feedback from past customers, also given on the website.

    I ended up paying 30% less than the online quotes from some of the big name bike shippers, and the bike arrived in excellent condition. Only took 3 or 4 days. The guy had 7 bikes in an enclosed trailer!!

    That was my experience with UShip....YMMV, but I was pleased with the service from my shipper.

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