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Thread: R1150RT: '02 vs '04

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    R1150RT: '02 vs '04

    I've got my eye on two low mileage (12k each) RT's: one is an '02 and the other an '04. I know the '04 has dual plugs and fully integrated brakes, but what does the '02 have? I can't remember when BMW made the mods to the RT.

    Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I'm not an RT owner, but I believe the 2002 model has the integrated brakes as well. There might be some slight upgrades in the braking system on the 2004, improvements on the integrated ABS. Besides the twin spark, the only thing I can think of is that the 2002 might have the poly-V belt for the drive belt to the alternator as compared to the 04, which should have the newer elast belt. The belt difference wouldn't be a significant selling factor. They are still replaced at 36000 miles each. I'm sure some RT owners could chime in with more info.

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    The twin plug was more than just a marketing gimmic. It was about improving the power curve and solving the surging issue on the single-spark version which it did nicely. I can't recall if the '02 was a 5spd or a 6 spd, but the 6spd is a huge advantage over the 5spd, IMHO.

    I think the '04 is well worth the difference but from a resale standpoint you have to weigh the newer model with a faster accumulation of mileage versus the older model with a slower accumulation of mileage. I'm pretty sure if you did an exhaustive analysis, you'd find the newer bike is a better value even if it is considered higher mileage for its age.

    BTW, I have an '04 RT. GREAT bike.

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    Talking 02 vs. 04

    The alternator belt on my 04 lasted till 24K when I took the cover off to do a valve adjustment (I don't like to spin the tire when the bike is in gear to get to TDC).
    There were pieces hanging off the belt and I replaced it there and then. Carrying a spare on a long roadtrip is, IMHO, a must and replacing it takes 10-20 minutes depending on your skills. 36K on that belt is a stretch (pun intended)
    The 6 speed tranny is wonderfull for economy by keeping the engine RPM's lower. The twinspark works well and surging was never present. My 04 was my 1st bike in 20 years and I really liked it.
    I put 26K on my 04 and had absolutely no issues with anything on that bike, I can only hope my LT will do the same for me.
    Personally I'd go for on 04 simply because it is a newer bike and will retain more of it value longer depending on maintainance records and miles. I don't think however that either bike would be a bad choice.
    Just my 0.02 cts

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    Coincidentally I have been solemnly contemplating trading in my 98 R1100RT for a 2004 R1150 RT and looking at every imaginable google search to justify trading the storm windows we really should get for a better saddle ‘«™ found this on the 2002 RT‘«™ worth a read. A pretty opinionated guy!

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    I have no regrets about picking up my 04 RT - beautiful stytling, great mechanically, and a smoking deal - nothing should be holding you back.....

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    fwiw- BMW will never tell you that the twin spark was developed to reduce/eliminate surging. to do so would require that they admit that the single spark bikes surged - and we all know that they don't ever do that. the official line is that the twin spark was developed to improve fuel economy (it does) and to reduce emisssions (i assume it does that as well). that the surging (that never happens) was reduced or eliminated was just a side benefit.
    belt wear seems very idiosyncratic. i changed the belt on my '01 S (went with a Goodyear Gator, as i'd heard great stuff about them) at 27K. looked to still be in excellent shape. have heard of others that lasted barely 24k, while some go over 38K. decided i'd rather be safe than stranded, and do the changeover in the comfort of my garage rather than the side of the road in East Jebroo.
    as to the original question of which to buy.. how far different are the prices? the '04 is the better bike, but at what dollar point does the amount of better become unimportant?
    Ride Safe, Ride Lots

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