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Thread: Where's the VeG...??

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    Where's the VeG...??

    Where have you been lately....
    or Riding the back roads of TeXaS.??

    It's a beauiful day in OhiO,but upon getting ready to take off on a ride I see a large puddle of OiL under my Rear End Dive ....

    Took it to BMW of the Tri-State and on draining
    the gear oil a chunk of Bearing Race fell out of the drain hole....Not Good ....
    They said they don't even stock that perticular bearing .

    B M W + Bumms My Week (as they say)

    I miss my Beemer already......

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    Bummer Dude, That would definately put a damper on a good day.
    Gale Smith
    2009 Versys
    1999 R1100RT

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