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Thread: F800ST Riding Position?

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    F800ST Riding Position?

    Can any owners comment on the riding position of the F800ST, over something like a series of 500 mile days? I currently ride a G650GS which is very comfortable, but I'm thinking about the F800ST as my next bike in a year or two, mostly for the power upgrade and the belt drive.


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    Your hands will be a couple of inches forward and a couple of inches lower than on the GS. Depending on the length of your arms your back is likely to be in a bit of a forward lean.

    The skelatal structure of the spine will have less upright stresses but the muscles in your lower back will be used more and will need some conditioning.

    The real rest will be whether the forward lean causes you to need to lift your chin and whether the skelatal structure and neck muscles will take this or not over a prolonged period of time. Voni's will. I get "stingers" in my neck.
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    This thread was submitted by a F800ST owner who made some changes to the riding position you may find interesting....
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    This tool will let you compare the riding position of the 650 and 800.
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    When I had my F650GS in the shop for service, I had an 800ST as a loaner for a week.

    I am 5'5". While the ST was a fun bike to ride, I found that after 100 miles, the riding position was taking a toll on my knees. By the end of only a 200 mile day, I was popping Advil and miserable. I did not like the riding position and could never have managed a long trip on the ST.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    This tool will let you compare the riding position of the 650 and 800.
    That's an awesome calculator. All three of my bikes are listed, and the ergos correspond to how comfortable the riding positions are.

    Saved to bookmarks, thanks.

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    That ergo site is terrific. It says I have about a 20 degree forward lean on my F800ST and that sounds about right. 500 mile days are not a problem. I can see where the knee angle could be a problem for some folks.

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