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    Question camera questions

    I am placing this in "Gear" because this thread is not posting pictures.
    If the mod wants to move it, be my guest.

    I am looking for a high quality point and shoot digital camera that is SIMPLE. I will use it for family events, shooting from motorcycles and boats.

    Is there a small unit that is still "glove" friendly?

    What do you use? How do you like it? What is on your wish list?
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    Every week, it seems like there are 35 new models from each company. My current favorites are from Canon and Sony, but it's really difficult to go wrong with any p&s.
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    I use a canon SX120 IS. 10x zoom and 10MP.
    Does everything I want for about $200.00 street price.

    The buttons are large enough for gloves and the size is about a deck of cards + 1/2" for the lense.

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    The updated version of the sx120IS is out...the sx130IS. Highly recommend. About $200.
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    Besides several dslr cameras, I use a 3 yr old Canon A560 (7.2 megapixel sd cards). It has easy features and can be "glove friendly". The size is perfect for a pocket or tank bag.
    One thing to consider is what tybe of batteries does a camera use. Tha A560 and probably Canon's more current models use AA batteries available anywhere.
    Whatever you get take lots of pics!!!
    Al From Chgo Burbs

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilredroadster View Post
    One thing to consider is what tybe of batteries does a camera use.
    I hear this sentiment a lot and probably even said the same thing myself in the distant path. But then I looked at my actual camera battery use. Not once have I ever purchased batteries for a camera on the road (and some of my camera's still use AA batteries). The Li-ION batteries that are in my non AA battery cameras are good for 300~800 pictures. At the rate I shoot I'm guaranteed to be in a place where I can recharge batteries at least once before I run out of juice.

    If I were going to be away for months I might consider a spare battery. I had one for my last camera... and never used it.

    Maybe I just don't take enough pictures.

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