I'm sure I am just one of thousands looking for that perfect jacket and pants which provide real protection in a crash, keep us warm in temps above freezing, keep us coolish when the temps are in the 90's F., and are not that difficult (or slow) to change from one format to another.

My current riding gear (leather jacket which zips to leather pants, or Firstgear mesh jacket and the leather pants held up by suspenders) require also taking outer rain gear on a tour.

While I have only seen serious endorsement of the Olympia X-Moto by Greenwald, I certainly respect his opinion.

My question is how does the X-Moto compare to the Olympia AST and the Rev"It Sand, which have all received many rave reviews. There are almost certainly upsides and downsides to all these garments and I would like to hear them before spending my bucks on what will likely be my last riding suit. (Hey, I'm 63.)

If you have experienced preferences beyond the three listed above, your comments are most welcome too.