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Thread: My First Flat Tire

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    I plugged a new Metzler rear 600 miles from home. I didn't really trust it and stopped by WalMart and bought Green Slime. Called a buddy that owns a tire store and asked if GS hurt aluminum wheels. He said no, just messy. Finished my trip 2200 miles later. Sold the bike with 8K miles on that tire.

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    Why does it seem that it is almost always the rear tire that gets punctured?
    One theory is that the front will stand the nail/screw/staple up for the rear wheel to pick up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rmarkr View Post
    One theory is that the front will stand the nail/screw/staple up for the rear wheel to pick up.
    That is it exactly. I have had only one flat front in 35 years of riding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by racer7 View Post
    In the nearly 50 yrs I've been using plugs and patches I've never had one of either leak or fail- they last the life of the rubber.

    You're not going to get a blowout if an appropriately done plug fails (but you might get another flat in the middle of the desert.

    If you plug a small hole and it fails you will get slow leak which will give you plenty of time to notice and slow/stop! If you are foolish enough to jam multiple plugs in a gaping hole as anything other than a very temporary fix you probably have enough loose screws that something else will get you if the plugs don't.
    My experience exactly except I didn't get my drivers license until 48 years ago. If a single plug won't plug the leak, the hole is large enough that the tire should be thrown away anyway. I've worn out a couple of motorcycle rear tires with plugs in them with no problem of any kind.
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