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Thread: GS-911 on a MAC Possible?

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    GS-911 on a MAC Possible?

    I have the GS-911 setup and am currently running it on a Windows laptop. Works great, and I use it, and don't want to do anything to lose it.

    For various reasons I'd like my next laptop to be a MAC. There is no GS-911 version for the MAC. I know that there are ways to run Windows applications on the MAC, but other than that, I don't know anything about it.

    I am wondering if the utilities that allow running Windows applications on the MAC are sufficiently compatible that the GS-911 USB interface would work properly.

    Not looking for guesswork - I'm sure I can find tons of that on various MAC forums. What I'm asking is, has anyone here ever tried it? If so, did it work?


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    i'm interested in the answer to this as well.

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    Some folks use boot camp to boot their mac into windows. Others use Fusion, or Parallels, or the free Virtual Box to create a virtual machine and install windows in that. In either case you still need a copy of windows. I'm using a copy of XP that came from a long dead laptop inside of a VirtualBox machine. This works for my GPS, the RepROM, and the GS-911.

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    GS-911 on a MAC

    I run Windows Vista on an IMac. I use Parallels 5.0. I did this so that I could run the BMW
    CD Repair manual. Also got the GS-911 and downloaded the the program. It works very
    good. Just like its supposed to.
    I suspect it would work just as well on a MacBook.
    Since I got mine, they've come out with Parallels 6.0
    If I had to do it over I'd probably just buy a cheaper laptop with windows already installed.
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    I use a Mac with VMWare Fusion Windows XP. It runs the GS911 software as it is designed with no problems.

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    Thank you all! That answers my question very well. I'm not sure which of the possible solutions I will use, but it's good to know that there are several choices that will work.

    I guess that means, also, that I won't have to buy Photoshop again, which I had figured on having to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhgeyer View Post
    Not looking for guesswork - I'm sure I can find tons of that on various MAC forums. What I'm asking is, has anyone here ever tried it? If so, did it work?
    You might have problems with some of the emulation software in various instances (especially the I/O), but if you run windows under bootcamp on the Mac, windows boots directly to the hardware, without the emulation layer, and there are no compatibility issues with anything. It's an Intel chipset, exactly the same as what you get with a pc.
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    Give up a bit of HDD space and run Windows on its own partition using Boot Camp. Using Boot Camp with Windows installed is the only sure-fire answer. (Mac Pro w/4 dual core Xenon processors - 3 500G Mac drives, 1 500G Windows drive.) Emulators are just that. Boot Camp and two partitions gives you two machines (Win and Mac in one). While the Windows system may not even be able to recognize any of the Mac drives, the Mac will see the Windows drive and any 'data' (doc/docx, pdf, music, movies, photos, Internet stuff, etc) and can easily be moved/copied/used by all Mac programs.
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    You might have problems with some of the emulation software...
    Using Boot Camp with Windows installed is the only sure-fire answer.
    If I need a machine that will run any bit of windows software guaranteed then I might buy the above. However, the question was about GS-911. GS-911 is known to work using the free Virtual Box [my experience]. GS-911 is known to work using Parallels 5 [CJCS said so]. GS-911 is known to work using Fusion [Toadmanor said so].

    dhgeyer has lots of options. He doesn't NEED to run boot camp. There may be reasons not to, e.g. copy and paste between windows and OS X .

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    GS-911 on a Macintosh computer

    As one who has had Mac computers for all too many years, may I strongly suggest you not cross the line and load Paralleles on your new Mac just to run a specific program.

    Although I have a 15" MacBook Pro and a 27 Inch IMac found
    the Mac although entirely capable did not seem to like to the "foreign" software.

    For the applications I required in my world which are Microsoft based only,
    purchased an Accer netbook whch did all I wanted in a small neat MS format
    machine. Keep in mind the only real similarity between the devices is the Intel chip, most everything else is different.

    If you're purchasing the Mac for a reliability factor, keep in mind Mac software is different that MS and related software.
    Not any better or worse, simply different.

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    Again, thank you all for your consideration and insights. I'm surprised and encouraged that there have been this many responses. Clearly this is doable, and that's all I need to know right now.

    My daughter has made the transition to the MAC, and didn't have too much trouble with it. Of course I know that there will be a learning curve, but it doesn't scare me at all. My wife and I have gotten pretty fed up with the short life span of Windows laptops, due to basic operating system failures. We have decided that, when our current ones fail, they will be replaced with MACs. Our daughter was going through a laptop about every 6 to 8 months. My wife and I were able to keep ours going for a year or two. Rachael's MAC has been going strong for about a year and a half. Being a young person, and a student, hers takes a beating. I'm convinced.

    My Gateway is not showing any signs of failure yet, so really I'm just doing some groundwork for the future, making sure my bases are covered. Sue's Gateway is slowly dying, and will need replacing soon. It's frustrating. Some operating system file gets clobbered, and the damage slowly spreads. No one seems to be able to fix the problems. We're just sick of it. It's happened too many times.

    I've played with our daughter's MAC (Macbook Pro) a little, and like the built in video editor, built in FTP client, and the fact that in the MAC world the anti-virus stuff is built in and you don't have to deal with it. So I won't be starting totally from scratch when I make the jump.

    And, yes, we do have a good firewall and anti-virus software on the PC's. As far as I'm concerned Windows is just a weak operating system, always has been, always will be.

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