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Thread: "Save the Ta-Ta's!" from Breast cancer

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    "Save the Ta-Ta's!" from Breast cancer

    For the ladies in our and friends....

    Breast cancer has attacked my family.. and is something we try to keep "light hearted" to improve the healing capabilities... and this is one of those things that bring a smile and sometimes a bit of a blush(good for circulation)...

    Here is a link to the site... "Save the Ta-Ta's"

    There are a lot of automobile bumper stickers touting "Save the Ta-Ta's" around the Austin area...

    The Men's section has some funny T-shirts.

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    Love the video for "Boob Lube"
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    Bookmarked. Thanks for the post.

    Both sides of our families have been affected and we believe "The Big C sucks".

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