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Thread: Mono Hot Springs,CA.

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    Mono Hot Springs,CA.

    Now, this is as about as remote a place in the lower 48, as perhaps many IB Riders have found in past IBRallies. Its a huge bonus(every semiannual IBRally) for those IBers that find it. I rode it yesterday, one last time before snow hits this weekend. A true GSers byway into the very high Sierra/Neveda range east of Clovis,CA where I live. Lots of bumpy offroading way up there and I'm blessed to have it out my back door a short day ride loop. Not bad for a guy just coming out of shoulder surgery two weeks ago. I tested the shoulder indeed. Sore, yes but riding my GSA again in short order from some major shoulder reconstruct. Good surgeon!
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    I Googled that place, and it looks fascinating.

    You could stop for a while to soak that tender shoulder.
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    Excellent therapy!

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    Good indeed:)

    Snow falls here this weekend and by Christmas, many feet will be accumulating at this place and by Winters end maybe 10+feet, for our Summer AG water supply. Those higher peaks in the back get 20+ feet. Pacific Crest is visable here. California still has some spots where folks are FEW and this is one of'em. Its about 75 miles straight into the Sierra's, not that far maybe but very,very remote and a bad single track road, with ice showing already, to Mono Hot Springs. Yes, the resort is closed as of late October, but the small river that runs through it has hot spots to soak. Randy, healing well....

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    hey Randy - i'm looking at this area in Google Earth and am wondering... is Kaiser Pass road the road you're talking about?

    that looks *awesome!*

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    Randy's correct Mono has been a part of the Iron Butt Rally but not every time.

    What Iron Butt Rally riders can count on is at least one or two bonus stops just like this.

    In other words a crappy road in that will guarantee to take much longer than anticipated. They will often make it time restricted, i.e. be there in a two hour window and check in with a volunteer or make it daylight only. Mono was time restricted in 07.

    Even on a fully loaded GS they are a challenge yet each location is scouted by someone on a Gold Wing, LT or other larger street bikes.

    Part of why I flogged my RTP on ebay was the fact that I bulit it as a single purpose bike (LD Rallies) but kept breaking it with my "riding style".

    In the 07 IBR I hit a pothole on Prince Edward Island that broke my fuel cell mounts, last spring I hit a pothole while scouting locations for the MM1K and drove the bottom of the shock through the swingarm. BMW said I was the first to do that and gave me a new swingarm but my faith in the bike (as a good tool for me) was shot so off to Ebay it went.

    Going off topic the 1150 GSA I rode in the 05 IBR was not the best LD platform. It was a little underpowered when set up for rally use (big screen etc) which is why I got all excited about the RTP.

    I've come a full circle to a '10 GSA which I'd be more than happy to ride in the IBR bone stock save for lighting.

    Glad to hear your shoulder is on the mend, your post on Mono brought back some memories.

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