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Thread: Low speed practice/technique?

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    2 things.

    1; Please everybody play nice, we all have different ideas.

    2: Going to move this to "Just Ridin' " since it's more about the rider than the machine.
    Steve Marquardt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldhway View Post
    Going to move this to "Just Ridin' " since it's more about the rider than the machine.
    Thank you, Steve. I wasn't sure where to post - 50/50 chance and I blew it!


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    Ok, I misinterpreted on the "throttle lock" comment. But that proves the fallacy of how different people describe things on the internet that others can take out of context, or as gospel. To describe it as locking the throttle is simply wrong, and it is important to post techniques that cannot be mis-read. Yes, steady, applied throttle is required to maintain momentum while performing U-turns and tight manuevers. That, and application of the clutch "just" in the friction zone. But the throttle has to be able to be adjusted, not locked.

    I have demo'd many a U-turn and tight manuever in my ERCs on my 94 R1100RS and I have never had any issues with clutch burnup. I can easily do the 24' wide U-turn on my RS and almost always do the 20' wide U-turn. When I do demos on the BRC bikes I always work in the friction zone of the clutch along with the throttle to keep the bike moving. I actually like using the Yamaha Virago 250 for the U-turns because it is easy to emphasize how the bike must lean in to make the turn.

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