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Thread: Helmet Question

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    Helmet Question

    I have been using an Arai full face helmet for many years.....but today I threw it in the trash.....LITERALLY!!!.

    I like the fit but changing face shields is HORRIBLE!!!! I have looked at all the web sites, read the's just poor design.

    so.......I'm in the market for a new helmet.

    The question.........can someone recommend a full face helmet that fits like an Arai but with a faceshield that can be changed or one that has the drop down dark visor?


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    I also have an Arai, and it fits my head. I also had a hard time changing the shields. Several years ago I bought a Scorpion EXO-700 and it's fit is close to the Arai. The shield on the Scorpion is very easy to change. The EXO-700 doesn't have the drop down sun shield, but I believe the EXO-900 and EXO-1000 do.

    The build quality of the Scorpion isn't as good as the Arai, but it is very good. I love it's fog free shield, it's not perfect but works very well.

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    The "Arai head" is actually very close to the "Shoei head". I ride a Shoei Multitech. I change face shields when needed, sitting on the bike, with the helmet on.

    Lift the face shield all the way, pull the left lever down, left side pops out, pull the right lever down, right side pops off. Align the right side of teh shield to the hole just above the lever, push in and move the shield slightly up and down until it drops into the hole, same on the left side and you're done. Takes a little practice to get it right easily but once you "get it" no problems.

    To answer the question - yes, I do have to take my gloves off to do thsi - it does take a little feeling around.
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    It all depends on which Arai you have. If you have an Arai Profile, it isn't anything close to a "Shoei" head... You have to first look at the shape of your existing helmet if it fits perfectly, then match it up...

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    I have been riding with a Scorpion EXO700 for years. Prior to that I rode with Arai.
    EXO700's are 1/2 the price of Arai (around $200) and they have a shield removal system that takes about 15 seconds (even for a klutz like me).

    Check out;

    They have some EXO700 patterns on sale for $79.99. An exceptional value.
    I will probably buy one and move my current EXO700 to backup.

    Lastly, Sport Bike Track Gear is a great organization to deal with.

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    My wife wears a Scorpian 700 and it and my Shoei RF 1000 are easy to change. practice, practice, practice.....
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    I watched a YouTube video on changing Arai face shields and now can do it in a minute or less.

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    yes.......I watched the video also......and after 1 hour of side parts coming off, misalignment, etc., I threw the Arai in the trash......BAD DESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The Scorpion EXO-900 flip-up has a drop-down sunshade and quick visor change. I also like the air-pump neckroll. You may wish to look at them. About $275 in stores.

    (psst - I have a neon XL if you want one)

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    i have/had and Arai, Shoei and Scorpian helmets. all were quite easy to change face shields with the Arai being the easiest,followed by the Shoei and then the Scorpian. none took more then a few seconds to swap out shields. if your really having a hard time stop by your local dealer for whatever brand helmet your using and have them show you the correct way to change shields.

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    I ended up buying a Scorpion EXO-900. I like it so far.

    Thanks for all the input.

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    Older Arai helmets could be frustrating when changing shields. Starting IIRC with the Quantum f series, two levers were incorporated, one under each of the side panels and that greatly simplified the process. In fact, I've demonstrated its quick change ability numerous times to skeptical friends. Takes about four seconds.

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    Visit a showroom and take a look at the Shoei line - you might be impressed.

    Also, Schuberth now available again in the USA! Evaluate their C3.

    Good Luck!
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    Can I have your trashmans #,thanks!

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    Try the Schuberth C3. Changing faceshields literally takes two seconds to get it off, two to put it on. The C3 has a built-in sunshade and uses a Pinlock double pane that is virtually fog-free.
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