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Thread: K12S Electrical Issue Need Help

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    Angry K12S Electrical Issue Need Help

    I currently have a 2005 K1200S with approx 28K miles on her. Comming home from GA to CT mid sept I was in southern VA and smelled something electrical burning. Shortly there after check engine light came on and bike immediately shut down and would not restart. Had her towed 119 miles in the middle of the night to closest BMW dealership whom could not figure out. Then tossed in the back of Uhaul and brought home to to CT. Long story short the local BMW dealership still has yet to diagnoss the issue and they have had the bike since mid Sept. Every time they think they get it fixed it end up dying on the test drive between 10 and 30 miles later. They have brought in the BMW rep via some sort of file share system and still no diagnossis.

    At this point not only am I getting impatient but I am also thinking I need to bring in some additional resources.

    Not sure what if any recourse I have...... advice is appreciated.


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    This is best diagnosed in person.

    "options".. well, sounds like you no longer have warranty.

    Presuming we can help...What are the specifics of what has "been done" to this point?

    Wish ya luck!

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    Thanks Cathdeac.

    Tech just called. For some reason BMW is telling him most likely a short in the wiring harness but the fault code he is getting is telling him something different. The BMSK Control Unit is showing fault between cylinder #3 and the coil which is causing fuel / ingnitition and something else to shut down.

    The tech is going to swap the #3 coil with #4 and see if it throws a code for #4 now. If this is the case looks like a bad #3 coil which would be an easy fix but he is having a tough time getting the bike to fault out again. Sometimes the fault is occuring after a few miles and others its after 20 plus miles.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

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    Can you describe the smell more specifically?
    The resins used in ignition coils have a really putrid smell when there's a short. It's a little different than typical electrical failure smell.
    Sometimes a coil can have a short between windings that only presents itself once the coil is warm.
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    Sounds like you may be onto something since the problem only seems to be occuring once the bike warms up. Once it cools and the computer is "reset" the bike runs again for few miles until warm then shuts down.

    The electrical smell reminded me of the sort of smell there is with a short but it was strong enough for me to smell while traveling at highway speeds while wearing a lid so the smell must have been strong.

    Thanks for your feedback

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    with "swirl" behind windscreen and such, not surprising you'll have smelled it. To have a coil thermal and be able to smell means that USUALLY you can smell it on the part without the bike moving...

    Shorts within wiring harnesses are credible threats. They usually give the smell of burning plastic.. a different smell from "electronics"...

    Still, when the tech gets the error, the problem will "follow" the part... if wiring, the failure will be in the harness.

    I hope it's a cheap fix and only be a bad part.

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