Does anyone use ear buds to combine communications with hearing protection? I am hard of hearing, and would like to protect what hearing ability I retain by wearing hearing protection, basically ear plugs.

I also like to hear music while riding. Wearing ear plugs and then turning up the volume on helmet mounted speakers seems at odds with each other. Wearing ear plug speakers allows me to adjust the volume sitting still and eliminates the need for volume adjustment while riding.

A Big Ear, Inc representative told me that on average, their ear plugs with speakers, the BE-1Cs, last about 2.4 years before they are returned for service broken because ear wax builds up in the speakers, preventing sound from coming out.

How long do your in-ear plugs/speakers last? The product prices seem to be a down payment on something you then pay ~$80 every 2.4 years to maintain. Does anyone have another way to protect hearing and listen to music? Could you speak up, I can't heat you?