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Thread: hill country bmw riders RR

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    Hey Kevin,

    Chris here... I can't believe that I have yet to post in this forum

    Anyway, came across this thread and found it interesting. Do you think we might be able to meet up with some of these folks when we are in the Hill Country for the rally?

    Also tell Deb thanks a million for all the information se sent via e-mail. It was helpful in knowing whereabouts we were staying. Come to find out, my wife is going to have to work that weekend (starting a new business), but I am deffinately "IN". I just need to find someone to ride down with me and split the price on the Cabin. I know that we also have another room available, and my father and his wife were going to take it, but he is not sure now if we will be able to go since he is back to work. So if we can, I would like to try and fill the extra spots with some friends (your or mine) I prommise that mine are laid back and not rowdy at all :-)

    Anyway, I'm bringin' tha Jamaican Blue Mountain, but someone needs to find one of those PIES!!!

    Talk atcha later.


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    These can't be pictures of Texas. It ain't flat!!!

    (a poke at those ignorant enough to believe that Texas is flat or even mostly flat)

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