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    Thumbs up hill country bmw riders RR

    Met these folks after a buddy recommended them. Only
    problem, they ride at 0730 Saturday morning. Feh, but i
    steeled myself and got to bed early Friday. Geez
    the cruisers in Austin never get up this early; they
    ride pretty slow too

    I got there about 7 and there were about 20
    bikes. The weather was great and the group
    friendly. Didn't know a soul. I spotted about
    8 bmws there

    On the road before sun-up. What a concept.

    We all departed in an orderly fashion and stayed
    that way for about 5 minutes until a couple beemers
    passed me in the left lane. I figured this was the fast
    group so i joined right in.

    The guys set a nice pace and our breakaway
    group arrived in Blanco half an hour and 40
    miles later. I was relieved after seeing most
    were equipped with radar detectors

    The omelette was tasty and the company enjoyable. A
    cold front came through while we ate and shifted the
    winds but it remained warm.

    Blanco courthouse

    Most everyone took off except for the guy
    leading the fast group, so we decided to do the willow
    city loop north of Fredericksburg

    The wind was howling by now, but the traffic on
    the loop sparse. No flowers to fawn over this time of

    So we fawned over the bikes instead

    Spotted a GM concept car

    I got to lead for a while. The GS sucks up the cattle
    guards well

    See? I can lead

    But this was a better pic

    I'm gonna have to start getting up early saturday.
    By the time I made it home it was 2 pm, and got
    the weekend off to a good start because it only got up
    to 45 the next day. I guess some electric
    clothes are in order too.

    rest of the pics here



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    eric - great report.

    7:30...seems a little extreme for a "fun" ride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by username
    eric - great report.

    7:30...seems a little extreme for a "fun" ride.
    I agree. I don't do mornings, unless I'm trying to get some miles down on the interstate, or I'm in the mountains and want to watch the sun rise. It looks though like it was a fun time.

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    for a spirited ride where they were, it's a good idea. (except for deer) by midday those roads get full of dipdunks in SUVs/pickups out "antiquing" and dudes on harleys going 50 mph.

    i do that ride around 9am and it's usually got less traffic. but like eric said - he was home early enough to get lots of stuff done, so thats a good thing. i guess thats why we like living in a free country where everyone can ride whenever they durn well please.

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    up early?

    7:30!--why so late?

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    Tnx for Willow City Loop pix

    Pay no attention to Kevin - he goes to bed with the chickens.

    Tnx for the pix of the Willow City Loop.


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    Nice report, thanks. Checked out the rest on smugmug. Sweet GS.

    7:30 a.m. is a perfect launch time, give or take 30 minutes. I like that getting home at 2:00 p.m. part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CranzN
    Pay no attention to Kevin - he goes to bed with the chickens.
    Yeah but only in the winter; I stay up til at least 10:00 in the summer.

    BTW--anyone here attending the 'Thunder in the Hill Country' rally April 1-3 in Bandera? There looks to be a small contingency of R1200Cs from the chromeheads site that are planning on going (your's truly included)

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    Excellent photos, man! Is there anything more fun than riding along with someone on a trip report?
    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    Great pics. The hill country is one of those special riding areas that's just too good to be true. Great well maintained roads and no traffic. Have you ridden the "Three 3's " in that area ? 335, 336, and 337? It's all good. I'm planning to get back down there in late spring. You're lucky to be so close.

    Check out the Hanger Hotel at the Fredrickberg airport
    for spending the night. Motocycle friendly, pricey, but a cool place to stay.
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