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Thread: Late autumn ride

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    Late autumn ride

    Stick season in Vermont. The leaves and tourists are mostly gone. The skiers are a few weeks away and we have the state to ourselves. I love this time of year!

    It was raining lightly this afternoon as I fired up the big GS and started riding home. I took the dirt road, climbing up to the shoulder of Hunger Mountain where the rain changed to snow. Streaking down the well-packed dirt through trees still bearing a few leaves like faded gems, heavy flakes reflecting my lights, the TKC80s gripping the wet earth. Across a covered bridge and up a hill to catch a glimpse of the valley below.

    Soon this land will be covered by a few feet of snow. But for now it's Paradise!
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    I know just how you feel. I live in a seacoast town in NH and while I love the summer, the coast roads are no fun at all during the tourist season. Once the weather gets cold they are nearly deserted. Being relatively new to the seacoast I'm still surprised by how much longer the foliage and fall weather last compared to towns only a few miles inland.
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    Saturday Morning Ride

    I had a eventful ride last Saturday morning trying to get the Rutland County towns of the 251 Club marked off. My Zumo 450 ( strongly believe it is possessed by Satan himself) had me going from Plymouth over to Shrewsbury by way of Roundtop Rd. Did not see the ice on the road before I could stop and abandon! Thank goodness the road had been sanded. No safe place to turn around so I continued on thinking the sun exposure would have melted the ice further up. Unfortunately the Zumo wanted to send my off on a Snowmoblie/ATV trail. Not good on a R1150R with a fresh set of sneakers. It took me 45 minutes to slip and slide back down the road to Route 100. Didn't drop the bike though.

    I gave up for the day and headed home. I'll try again tomorrow.

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    with ya glenfiddich! enjoyed a great day sunday winding through the back-country farm roads around petersham, nichewaug & hardwick ma, in the quabbin watershed region. dancin leaf vortices trailed us everywhere we rode. generally perfect temps when you layer it up and cover exposed flesh. too nice!

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