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Thread: Wool or Polartec?

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    I love wool sweaters (my wife is a Newfoundlander, and I have some great double knit sweaters from "the Rock"), but for biking my personal preference is the synthetics, which I find do a very good job and are very practical: they wick, wash, dry, and pack well.

    The only exception for me are my socks. I use a two sock system with the first layer a synthetic wicking sock, the second a merino wool blend. I use this in both hot and cold extremes.
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    i'm with brad. i can see showing up someplace in a nice wool sweater. sheepshagger comes along, i've got to keep an eye on him, and i cant relax.

    im sure he is a nice fellow, but i can see him getting me back to his room, and out come the clippers and after i'm shorn, he tosses me out and doesn't respect me in the morning. i'd be devastated. and cold.

    polartec please.

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    Baaaaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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    Wool or Polartec ?

    In winter I go with :
    Polypro turtleneck,
    long sleeve cotton T,
    Gerbings Liner,
    Cortec lite jacket w/ liner .
    Helmet liner,
    Heated Gerbing socks,
    HT overpants,
    Heated Gerbing gloves
    heated grips
    heated seat....

    all good for 'bout 30?? F

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    All this talk about wool vs. fleece is making me feel "funny" I think I'll down a bottle o woolite n cuddle up w/the wife under a fleece binky..ttfn

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