Last year I purchased a Scorpion Transformer helmet prior to my first attempt at a SaddleSore 1000. Now, I would never do anything as stupid as to go on a trip like that with new equipment without testing it during some local riding. Unfortunately, that riding took the form of commuting to and from work, a ride of just under half an hour.

When I embarked on my trip out west, after just under an hour of riding I started getting the worst headache and it was from the helmet's liner. There is piping sewn into the liner that forms a shallow 'V' across the forehead.

Last week I contacted the company and here's the exchange:


We apologize for the branding, we at this time only make the one type
for the EXO-900.

Thank you.

Glen West

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I own an EXO-900 TransFormer and have been extremely pleased with the
features, especially having both a clear and tinted visor available all
the time. It's great being able to go to work when it's sunny and come
home when it's dark (or vice versa) without having to change visors.

I have one complaint, however. After about 30-45 minutes of riding, I
start to experience discomfort caused by the liner. There is piping
sewn into the liner about halfway between the crown and the bottom edge.
It comes to a shallow "V" on my forehead and causes a pressure point
there. When I commute to work, I'm not wearing the helmet long enough
to cause discomfort, but I'm "branded" with a "V" on my forehead when I
get to work.

Is there any chance you make a smoother liner that fits the 900?


I tried cutting out the piping and took a test ride today of 80+ miles. About 45 minutes into it all I could think about was getting home and getting that torture device off my head.

First of all, I hope this will serve as a warning to anyone considering purchasing this helmet.

Secondly, does anyone have any suggestions for making this helmet more comfortable? I really don't want to drop the coin on a new lid right now. Plus I don't have any long trips planned until next year. Just trips back and forth to work for now.