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Thread: Women Charter Club riders

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voni View Post
    The closest to that Meet and Greet that we have now is the Women Who Ride seminar on Saturday morning. Great friendships have started there over the years. I haven't missed one in years! Even the year I was riding 500 sMile a day I made attending that seminar a priority.

    Maybe we could tack a Meet and Greet on the end of it? We did try it one year as a separate event with just a small turnout but maybe it's time to try again. I do know the per cent of women who ride to the National has increased over the years. But I too feel like we have a lot more in common with the group "rider" than just the group "women". Still, there's nothing like the hugs of a fellow rider!
    Hmmmm ... mmm ... mmm

    Thinking, thinking ... could we do a donuts and coffee meet and greet BEFORE the Women who Ride seminar? Talk to Deb Lower - - she is doing seminars this year. Funding could be the only thing stopping this idea, but if we put our heads together, I think it's feasible.
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    Valley BMW Riders has 130 families in the club, with about 19 female riders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by martinPH View Post
    Valley BMW Riders has 130 families in the club, with about 19 female riders.
    3 cheers!
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    Smile 2011 Womens Meet and Greet


    I don't post often on the forum, but I wanted to let you know that we are going to have a Meet and Greet in Bloomsburg on Saturday. We are going to start with Skert's Pick-up the Bike Demonstration followed by The Women Who Ride Panel that Voni is organizing and then have our Meet and Greet. I'm still working on the location for the seminars and the Meet and Greet.

    I would also appreciate any ideas you have for additional seminars/tech sessions.

    Bloomsburg is going to be a great rallly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIBUD View Post
    Yes, my advice is to click the link in my sig line.
    Okay. Just for the heck of it, I tried the club finder thingy. And my club: BMW Bikers of Metro Washington only shows up if I use "Washington" as a search option. When I tried "Maryland" I got nothing, and "Virginia" resulted in the club of West Virginia.

    I'd venture a guess that only about 20% or less of our membership is from Washington DC proper. The majority of members are from Northern Virginia, and Maryland. Heck, our annual rally is held in Thurmont, MD, and we hold some of our monthly meetings at Morton's in Fredericksburg, VA, Battley's in Gaithersburg, MD, and Bob's BMW in Jessup, MD

    Something needs to be adjusted in that club search finder.

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