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Thread: Looking for a youth riding jacket

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    Looking for a youth riding jacket

    Hi everyone.

    My son's sense of style has gone away every time he puts on my old Joe Rocket riding jacket, plus the jacket is sized for a FOG, (Fat Old Geezer) not a 16 year old slim 6'1"16 yr old. He has just received his MSF designation and motorcycle endorsement. The jacket was fine for riding at home and country, but now that he's legal to go to town and school. the style police prevail!

    Anyone out there spend too much on a stylish "youth" riding jacket with protective gear intact?

    Let me know, and thank you in advance for your response.

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    Two places to start that I've gotten good deals with-

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    I have a size adult small Tourmaster JETT II in red with black I'll sell for $50, shipped. I paid $100 for it but it didn't fit my wife's female form very well... She wore it one time only. It has the removable liner. It is a Men's jacket. PM me if interested...

    New enough has it for $64 + shipping I believe.


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