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Thread: Wood pellet grills

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    Wood pellet grills

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    Familiar with pellet stoves, they are good things. Never heard of a pellet grill.
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    I would love to get a pellet grill! (I would love to get a GS even more.)

    All of the great flavor of charcoal with all of the easy of propane. All of the different flavors of pellets would be nice. (Mesquite, Hickory, Garlic, Onion, Grape Vine, Apple, & more.) The grills that I have seen look like they would last a lot longer than all the grills at Home Depot / Lowes.

    The price is a little more than I want to spend so that $700 - & $1,000 would be better spent on a BMW! Maybe if I come into a lot of unexpected money...

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    Never heard of a Pellet Grill but it does look interesting. Is it safe to burn regular Pellets like a pellet stove burns or is there something in them that is not safe?
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    2 friends of mine have the Traeger units. They love them. Set the temp, let them go... I'm a Big Green Egger & envy the auto-temp, so I'm upgrading with a STOKER unit on mine...

    One friend complained about cleaning his, but then I put him in touch with the other guy I know & they surmised that you don't have to clean it, just keep the grate as clean as any of your BBQ units.

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    Traeger lover

    i'm a tight wad but i have absolutelly no regrets after buying my traeger wood pellet cooker ($700) a couple years ago. easy to use, makes fabulous food (the finish and flavor of meats is exceptional). i cook a lot of pork loin and sweet potatos. steaks and salmon are great on it. i smoke fish on it too. have even baked pizza. lots of various wood pellets to experiment with for various foods (hickory-chicken, mesquite-steak and salmon, apple, oak or cherry-pork, alder-smoking fish, etc). i recommend getting the electronic thermostat upgrade, set it and forget it, but check your pellet bin occasionally to make sure it doesn't run empty. pretty easy to clean too. the cherry on top is to use a remote/electronic meat thermometer (eg redi chek) too so the receiver beeps when the food is done to your preferred setting. almost idiot proof and consistently predictable and impressive results.
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